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New Website Features

After months of testing by our existing loyal customers, we released our new G.A. Murdock website for public access in November 2022.  Here are some highlights of the new features that can make this site an efficient option for you, even if you don't currently order your Mur-lok products or water treatment supplies online. New Website Features: Quick Reordering View Statements and Pay Invoices Stock Notifications Request Returns Compare Products Have any questions or feedback on the new features?  Please  Contact Us  or  Start a Chat .

New Website Features : Compare Products

Compare Products We have a very wide selection of water treatment and fluid management products on our website And while we have made an effort to organize them logically and let you filter them by the criteria you care about, sometimes you need to look a little deeper to find the right product for your customer's application. While browsing our products you have the option to mark an "Add to compare" checkbox.  You can select up to 4 items to see the differences side-by-side, as well as view spec sheets and compare pricing. From the Product List you can mark the "Add to compare" checkbox: This will cause a bar to appear at the bottom of your screen showing the items you have selected to compare: When you have made up to 4 selections, click the "Compare Now" button to view the results. You can click the little "X" icon on each column to remove items when you are done comparing.   Have any questions or feedback on the new features?  Please  C

New Website Features : Request Returns Online

G.A. Murdock's Return Policy allows for returns and we also assist with warranty/manufacturer returns.   All return requests require an Return Materials Authorization (RMA) to be requested and approved, and a traveler printed to include with the shipment back to G.A. Murdock.  To make that process easier, you can now submit a return request for some items through your online purchase history.   Submit an RMA Request Online: After  logging in , or from your Account Overview located under “Welcome (Your Company Name)" in the upper right. Locate the relevant order under the Purchases section or the Invoice under the Billing > Invoices section.   Click the view the order or invoice. Click the "Request a Return" button on the right, below the order summary. Checkmark the items you need to return. Please Note: We have found that some items appear under the section "Products From Original Order Not Eligible For Return" and we are still looking into what causes

New Website Features : Stock Notifications

Get Notified When a Product is Back in Stock If a product you want is out of stock, we still recommend that you place an order so you are on our backorder list.  But another option is to subscribe to be notified via email once the item is back in stock.   From the product page of the backordered item:  Click the "Get Notified When Available" drop-down message.   Enter your name and email. Optionally mark the checkbox to subscribe to our email newsletter. Click Submit.   You will be emailed when the item is available. Please note, this will only send the email one time when the item becomes available, and then will require a re-subscribe if they go out of stock again.   Also, the item is only considered "available" if we receive more stock than is needed to cover our backorders.  So if you REALLY want the item, you should probably just order it so you are on the backorder list. Hopefully the recent supply chain issues will have eased up in 2023 so this feature is no

New Website Features : View Statements and Pay Invoices

View Statements and Pay Invoices Online Need a copy of an invoice or statement from G.A. Murdock?  No more emailing and waiting for a response back, you can view all of your order history, invoices and bills through our new website.  You can also pay part or all of your open balance with a credit card, if needed.   Larger multi-branch customers that pay on multiple separate accounts can also Contact Us to setup access to view all account invoices online, if needed. To view and pay invoices: After logging in , or from your Account Overview located under “Welcome (Your Company Name)" in the upper right. Go to Billing >  Invoices.  This will show your open invoices.   Put a checkmark on one or more invoices to pay and click the "Make a Payment" button. Here you can edit the amounts if needed, then click "Continue". Select or enter a credit card.  Do not mark the “Make Default” checkbox unless you want future orders to pay immediately with the credit card inst

New Website Features : Quick Reordering

Quick Reordering  We know the speed and simplicity of placing your wholesale water treatment orders is important to you.  Our existing customers spend an average of only 11 minutes logging in and placing their orders.  Using these tools will help speed that process up even more: