New Website Features : Request Returns Online

G.A. Murdock's Return Policy allows for returns and we also assist with warranty/manufacturer returns.  

All return requests require an Return Materials Authorization (RMA) to be requested and approved, and a traveler printed to include with the shipment back to G.A. Murdock.  To make that process easier, you can now submit a return request for some items through your online purchase history.  

Submit an RMA Request Online:

  1. After logging in, or from your Account Overview located under “Welcome (Your Company Name)" in the upper right.

  2. Locate the relevant order under the Purchases section or the Invoice under the Billing > Invoices section.  

  3. Click the view the order or invoice.

  4. Click the "Request a Return" button on the right, below the order summary.

  5. Checkmark the items you need to return.

    Please Note: We have found that some items appear under the section "Products From Original Order Not Eligible For Return" and we are still looking into what causes that issue.  If you do not see the item with a checkmark, you can instead Open a Support Case with the order number, part number, quantity, and reason for return to make your request.

  6. In the comments field, please enter any additional reason for return and how you would like to receive any credits or replacements.

  7. Click Submit Request.

  8. Once our returns department has reviewed and approved your request you will receive and email with the shipping traveler document or additional details.  Please note, some returns will incur a restocking fee and may require you to pay shipping.  You will have the option to cancel the request if you do not wish to go through with it.

Have any questions or feedback on the new features?  Please Contact Us or Start a Chat.

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