New Website Features : Compare Products

Compare Products

We have a very wide selection of water treatment and fluid management products on our website And while we have made an effort to organize them logically and let you filter them by the criteria you care about, sometimes you need to look a little deeper to find the right product for your customer's application.

While browsing our products you have the option to mark an "Add to compare" checkbox.  You can select up to 4 items to see the differences side-by-side, as well as view spec sheets and compare pricing.

  1. From the Product List you can mark the "Add to compare" checkbox:
This will cause a bar to appear at the bottom of your screen showing the items you have selected to compare:

When you have made up to 4 selections, click the "Compare Now" button to view the results.

You can click the little "X" icon on each column to remove items when you are done comparing.  

Have any questions or feedback on the new features?  Please Contact Us or Start a Chat.

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