New Website Features : Quick Reordering

Quick Reordering 

We know the speed and simplicity of placing your wholesale water treatment orders is important to you.  Our existing customers spend an average of only 11 minutes logging in and placing their orders.  Using these tools will help speed that process up even more:

  • Reorder Items
    Reorder Items
    Login, then go to:
    Purchases > Reorder Items
    Change the date range to look further back in your history.  This replaces the “Frequently ordered items” feature from our old site.

  • Order from Product Lists
    Purchase Lists
    While browsing the site, add items and the quantity you usually buy to a "Product List". 

    Then next time after logging in you can go to the Product Lists section and checkmark all the items you need and add them to your cart at once.  You can also create a custom-named product list to share with your co-workers. 

  • Repeat an Order
    Reorder from your purchase history
    Find a previous order in your Purchase history, then click reorder on each line or click the “Reorder All Items” button to add all the items to your current cart.

  • Order Express
    Once logged in, you can click the "Order by Part #" button or navigate directly to the shopping cart icon to start entering part numbers from our catalog.  

    1. Type in the part number
    2. Arrow down or select the item from the list.  
    3. Press the Tab key to move to the quantity field, or click and enter the quantity 
    4. Press Enter or click the "Add Item" button.

We hope this helps you to place your wholesale water treatment supplies orders quickly and easily.

Have any questions or feedback on the new process?  Please Contact Us or Start a Chat.

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